Survival Communications: Emergency Radios

Prepper Gear: Emergency Radios

Using your other prepper gear and supplies you have survived the onslaught of SHTF day! With your bug out bag you managed to make your way to a relatively safe, remote location where you could survive for months, years or possibly even indefinitely. But most doomsday scenarios will eventually subside – some semblance of normalcy will return to mankind and your lot-in-life could be improved if you return. But at your bug-out location way up in the mountains you have no way of knowing that government has returned providing resources and that society is starting rebuild – unless you have a reliable way of communicating with the outside world.

Eton Hand Cranked Weather Radio

Eton Hand cranked AM FM NOAA Radio with USB Charger

Keeping current with developing situations after a disaster is extremely important. There could be emergency broadcasts alerting you to dangers you may want to avoid. Or there could be valuable information on available resources you may want to look in to. Beyond that, in a survival situation, just hearing other people's voice could provide some sense of normalcy and help boost your spirit.

This Hand-Cranked radio receives AM, FM, and NOAA weather band channels. Just one minute of cranking provides enough juice for 15 min of radio. What may seem like a frivilous feature for a piece of the SHTF gear, is that this radio has a USB cell phone charger. But, there are small battery chargers that actually work off USB power. So you could also use this radio to charge-up rechargable AA or AAA batteries!

At only 9 ounces, this radio would fit nicely in your bug-out bag without weighting you down, or taking up too much space.

5 / 5 stars