Other Resources for Doomsday Preppers and Survivalists

Hot Prepper Supplies is oriented primarily towards doomsday prepper bug out bag solutions. We believe that while there is absolutely nothing wrong with stocking your basement with prepper supplies preparing to bug-in, that should be your back-up plan. We're supposed to be preparing for the worst, so expecting that you'll be able hide down in your basement is hubris. A mega-tsunami, asteroid, or pandemic could be headed right for your bug out location and then you'd be struggling to load up some make-shift bug out bag. You are far better off having your bug out gear ready, and available first - then working on your doomsday shelter after.

Secondly, you can't count on just being able to load up your car / truck and drive to safety. An electro-magnetic pulse could have hit earth and rendered the electrical system in your car toast. Even if the disaster isn't an EMP, with short notice the highways could be jammed with everyone else driving to escape the catastrophe. You and your car will be stuck. So you also need to consider that you may need hike or bicycle away from danger. Again, a well thought out and prepared bug out bag allows you to do that.

But as hard as we try, Hot Prepper Supplies can't cover everything, or may not be what you are looking for. So provided below are other prepper website that may be covering just what you need. They are well worth a look!

Other Prepper Websites

Survival Pulse