Survival Food Bars

Prepper Survival Food Bars

Although freeze-dried, survival food packets should constitute the majority of the food you carry in a bug-out bag or 72-hour kit, you should also make sure to pack many of these high-energy food bars. As full of nutrients as emergency food packs and buckets are, if you read the labels carefully you'll notice they are kind of low on calories.

For supplemental calories high-energy food bar are perfect when you need a boost - you just can't beat the calories per pound. They are also high in electrolytes, and minerals which a prepper's diet may be lacking when facing a survival situation.

Lastly, unlike store bought protein bars these survival energy bars can withstand extremes of temperature. So combined with a 5 year shelf life you could safely store these in your garage, knowing they are ready when needed.

Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bar Pack

Disaster can strike anytime, from an earthquake to a cyber-attack to an all-out SHTF situation. Don't be one of the hungry masses who pretended the dangers weren't real, and didn't store some emergency food. The Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bar is an excellent addition to your prepper food supplies, provides high calories and could supplement vital minerals you may not be getting from your other emergency food sources.

This survival food bar product consists of 18 survival food bars per package. Each bar has 200 calories, adding up to a total of 3600 calories per package. At only 20 ounces per 18 bar package, these food bars have a very high calorie per weight ratio.

The ingredients are also derived from completely natural sources, with no preservatives, and have a clean coconut flavor. An important feature of these Datrex Meal Bars is that they were designed to be non-thirst provoking - so it won't be nessecary to drink large amounts of valuable water after eating one.

The Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bars are sub-packaged and tabletized for easy storage in any 72 hour emergency kit, bug-out bag, or even in vehicle's trunk. And with a 5 year shelf life, they can be tucked away for long periods until needed.

Ideally these emergency food bars would be eaten in addition to your other survival foods. You would eat one when you need an extra boost in energy to survive a disaster. But you definately could use these food bars as your primary meal source for extended periods - that's what they were made for.

5 / 5 stars

Mainstay 3600 Calorie Survival Food Bar Pack

Mainstay Food Bars are another great option for a high-energy, high-nutrition survival food ration. The Mainstay bars are double-sized, emergency food rations with 400 calories each, and they actually surpass the RDA guidelines in vital minerals and vitamins!

The Mainstay package consists of 9 individually wrapped, foods bars. Which at 400 calories each bar, totals to 3600 calories per package. And each Mainstay package weights just over 24 ounces, so they are light enough to store quite a few of these in any bug-out bag, or keep in your vehicle.

Containing no tropical oils or cholesterol, the Mainstay Food bars have a fresh lemon and vanilla flavor and have a consistency like cookie dough. Who said healthy prepper food had to be bad tasting?

More importantly, these high-tech food bars were engineered to comply with strict Coast Guard and Department of Defense standards, so they are a great choice for emergency food rations. They're even kosher!

5 / 5 stars