Prepper Supplies: Emergency Food Rations

Best Prepper Food Supplies

Maintaining an adequate prepper food supply is vital to survival during any long-term disaster situation. While technically you could stay alive without food for around 30 days, you may wish you hadn't. Hunger can itself lead to dehydration. Over time the body breaks down fat and muscle tissue in order to keep itself powered causing pain when moving. Eventually, extreme hunger leads to low energy, apathy about the situation and eventually death. Because hunger is an insidious killer, it is imperative to stock enough emergency food supplies to maintain your health and energy.

Many doomsday preppers will stock-up on canned food, or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). But I wouldn't count on being able to use much of that food. Consider that you may actually have to bug-out on foot, and leave most of that heavy canned food at home. Remember that cars may not work if there has been a bad solar storm, or the roads may be blocked if everyone in your area is trying to evacuate all at once. And both canned food, and MREs very heavy due to their high water content, making it difficult to carry. I’m not against stocking-up on canned food – I’m against people counting on being able to actually use that canned food.

So a well thought out bug-out bag should allow for these contingencies. In prepping for doomsday you'll want to maintain your bug-out bag with as much light-weight, nutrient-dense prepper food as you can carry. Rest assured there is no reason you can't pack enough food in your bug out bag for at least 3 months. Many of the popular Grab-and-Go Food buckets claim to support one adult for 2 months and only weight 10 lbs. To supplement this survival food bars can provide extra calories when needed.

Survival Food Packs

These survival food packets are made with us preppers in mind, and contain nutritious packets of freeze-dried food which just needs to be mixed with hot water to make a nice meal like lasagna, chicken and rice, etc. The freeze dried survival food rations have an extremely long shelf-life (25 years is not uncommon), which makes them a great choice for bug out bags which will just sit around waiting for the day. One bucket provides 2-months of food for one-adult, weights 10 lbs and only takes up about 1 cubic foot of space – so you should be able to 3 or 4 of these in your Bug-Out bag with little problem. Now 3 or 4 of these Grab-and-Go buckets would be 6 or 8 months of food as advertised, but personally I would only expect that to be a 3 or 4 month supply as the calorie count is actually pretty low.

As in everyday living - variety is the spice of life. When stocking up on emergency food packets, mix it up. There are numerous manufacturers of these food packets, and numerous types of meals. Aside from the standard meals, the freeze dried vegetable food packets combined with rice is an excellent addition to your prepper food supplies. Veggies are nutrient dense, while rice is calorie dense providing a nice mix (5 – 10 lbs of stored rice is a good goal).

Wise Survival Food Packs Mountain House Survival Food Packs

Survival Food Bars

Emergency food bars are definitely a "good thing" to add in to your mix of prepper food supplies. Compact and calorie dense these food bars are easy to store and can give you an extra boost of energy when needed. Also instead of having to stop, then make a fire, then wait for boiling water, then mix up a food packet, you can just open your bug-out bag, grab a food bar and “boom” instant energy to keep moving.

Food bars also often provide high levels of nutrients / macronutrients that food packets may not be providing enough of. High levels of protein and electrolytes are commonly found in food bars which can help balance out your diet. The electrolytes are a great bonus if you've been using a fire still to make your drinking water as distilled water is devoid of electrolytes.

Now some bars of survival food will make you thirsty. Since in a survival situation water is a resource to be managed, additional water usage is not a good thing. So use some caution when purchasing food bars, and make sure they are not “thirst-provoking.”

High-Calorie Survival Food Bars