The Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium Fire Starter

Without a doubt the most popular piece of prepper gear for starting survival fires is the magnesium fire starter. Also known as a firesteel or ferro rod, this simple device emits hot sparks to catch tinder on fire and almost every prepper packs one in their bug out bag, at least as a backup. The compactness and low cost of these ferrocerium sticks is the reason for their widespread use. Other viable options for survival starting equipment include the Fire Piston (or slam rod), and Solar Fire Starters.

How to use a magnesium fire starter is simple. Just take your survival knife (or other piece of metal) and strike the ferro rod to produce sparks. When the 5000 F sparks land on dry tinder you've prepared earlier, just blow on the embers to get the fire going. Then continue using your bushcraft skills, to transfer your starter fire to successively larger chunks of wood. It is almost as simple as striking a match.

But know that the ferro rod material does wear away with each fire you start. Many will last over 10,000 strikes before wearing out, but eventually will have to be replaced. And the low price of these means you can afford to buy quite a few to stock your prepper bug-out bag - which is just what I would do. Overall the simplicity of the magnesium fire starter makes it a winner for preppers and survivalists alike.

Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter

Gerber and Bear Grylls have teamed up to create a compact and highly useful fire starting tool at a price EVERYONE can afford. Under $20.00 for a field tested and rugged fire starter tool like this is not just a great deal, it's something that every outdoorsman should have in order to be prepared for the wilderness.

Featuring a high quality ferrocerium rod and metal striker, this compact wonder can start fires fast with no hassle. It also comes with a lanyard you can hang around your neck or on the wall for storage. Integrated into the Gerber 31-00699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter is an emergency whistle that can scare off potential predators or alert your camp mates that you're in trouble/need assistance. And for tinder, there's a waterproof storage compartment that can handle being submerged.

The measurements of the Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter are as follows: Length: 4 4/5 inches (closed) Weight: 2 3/5 ounces

It also comes with Land/Air rescue instructions that shows you how to stay safe in an emergency situation until you can be rescued or help arrives. This fire starting solution product couldn't be made by a better company. The Gerber company alone has 70+ years of knife and gear experience to their name. And if you're wondering about Bear Grylls, he's the "man in charge". With British SAS experience, extensive survival and outdoor accomplishments, and even the notoriety of scaling Mount Everest successfully. The most extreme situations have proved to be no match for Bear Grylls.

In closing, this is one survival tool that you NEED to have as part of your survival arsenal. Look at the price, look at the amazing Amazon reviews, and you'll know for certain that this is an item designed to effectively serve its purpose without overcharging you. Overall, a great product at a great value!

5 / 5 stars

Magnesium Fire Starter - 3-pack

A high quality magnesium fire starter is an essential part of many peoples outdoor collection. The Magnesium Fire Starter 3 Pack with Extra Long Chains and Strikers comes complete with 3, 3" x 1" solid magnesium flints, 3 serrated metal strikers (also able to be used as a saw), and 3 17.5" chains.

If you take a look at the Amazon product page, you'll notice that the magnesium body is coated black to prevent ruboff stains. This is an easy and safe item to use that's designed only for use in an outdoor setting. Also, take a look at the price! For under $15 and free shipping, this is an incredible value!

The Friendly Swede has made the manufacturing of high quality products their company mission, and they bring their outdoor expertise to you while taking full responsibility for customer satisfaction. If for any reason the product is defective or you're not happy with it, you can call the Friendly Swede customer service number and they'll do their very best to solve your issue in a timely manner. Sometimes they send out replacements for defective products, and sometimes they'll even take a product back that you don't like out of the goodness of their hearts. What a great company to do business with!

In closing, this is a great value for a compact outdoor fire starting solution that's priced affordably. It's made with high quality magnesium and if you check out the Amazon product page, there's the exact instructions you need to learn how to use the product efficiently.

5 / 5 stars