Mountain House Food: Survival Food Pack and Buckets

Mountain House Emergency Food Packs

The majority of the weight in a well-prepared, prepper bug-out bag should consist of survival food packs like those made by Mountain House Foods. As a prepper you should know, and have prepared your bug-out bag with gear to get fresh water and realise that gear doesn't use much space. But close second is survival food. You can always pack weapons, traps and fishing equipment to get food by hunting and/or fishing but "if" during a survival situation everyone is doing the same you may find slim pickings. That is why your bug-out bag should be loaded with as many survival foods as you can carry.

Mountain House makes great emergency food packs and buckets ideal for bug-out bags, 72 hour kits and long-term storage. This brand is another alterative to the popular Wise Company Foods emergency food buckets. Slightly less expensive, and with a 12 year shelf life, you can save some money on your survival food rations store long-term until the SHTF.

Mountain House Essential Bucket

Mountain House is another manufacturer of high quality emergency food preparation meals. With the Mountain House Just In Case - Essential Assortment Bucket (12 Pouches), you get a clear storage bucket that allows you to see the internal contents. Included in the meals in this package is:

4 Servings Rice and Chicken 4 Servings Chili Mac 4 Servings Spaghetti

All you have to do with these easy emergency meals is mix the contents of each pouch with boiling water and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then it's ready to serve. You'll also be happy to know that it comes with a resealable foil pouch that helps retain the heat, ensuring that your meals are nice and hot when they're done mixing in with the hot water.

The shelf life on the Mountain House Just In Case emergency food supplies is 10 years, which isn't as long as the Wise Company emergency food preparation buckets, but still long enough to make it worth the purchase.

According to the Amazon reviews, these emergency preparation meals taste very good, and some people have been known to dig into the supply even before an emergency strikes because they're so tasty. When compared to other emergency food supplies, it's the more favored meal option in terms of overall taste, nutrition, and quality.

And, in addition, it's also very lightweight. These meals make a great travel companion because 10 pouches of them only weigh about 1 lb. For camping and emergency supplies, especially when you're on-the-go, you can't do better than Mountain House. In fact, an official Special Operations soldier in the U.S. military is seen in the Amazon reviews stating:

"Bottom line is, Mountain House is the best tasting emergency/bag food I've had in my 18 plus years in the service."

5 / 5 stars

Mountain House Classic Bucket

A cut above other brands, Mountain House is back again with a different, but still totally delicious meal bucket offering. Remember, in harsh and extreme situations, a dull meal can be very depressing. So, to keep your spirits up when things are at their worst, one of the best things you can do is buy a Mountain House Just In Case Meal Bucket to ensure that you have a thoroughly satisfying meal option.

The Mountain House Just In Case - Classic Assortment Bucket (12 Pouches) contains the following:

12 pouches per bucket equalling a total of 29 meals

2 Pouches Beef Stroganoff 2 Pouches Chicken Teriyaki 2 Pouches Beef Stew 2 Pouches Lasagna With Meat 2 Pouches Noodles and Chicken 2 Pouches Granola with Blueberries

Proudly made in the U.S.A, you can count on Mountain House to bring you and your family only the very best in emergency preparation meal options. And remember, the shelf life on these buckets is a full 10 years from the manufacture date. The clear plastic bucket is also reusable for anything when the meals are gone.

According to the Amazon reviews, one of the keys to a healthy diet during a period of sustained emergency is VARIETY. With Mountain House, you can buy their Classic Assortment Bucket, Essential Assortment Bucket, Breakfast Bucket, and Assorted Dried Food Bucket.

Overall, this item scored very highly in the Amazon reviews. The 4.5 out of 5 stars shows that this product is not only one of the very best emergency meal preparation options out there, but people are very satisfied with the taste, nutritional content, and shelf life of the buckets. Way to go Mountain House!

5 / 5 stars