Emergency Water with Non-Electric Survival Water Distillers.

Prepper Water Stills

You could use a hand-pumped reverse osmosis system to remove salt from sea water, but then you are still left with the problem of microbes in the water. So the best solution for making drinkable water from sea water would be to have a survival water distiller. Because as part of the distillation process the water must be boiled, any microbes (including viruses) will be killed. In fact, a water still can make drinkable water from nearly material containing water like fresh water, moist soil, plant matter, and even…urine! There are two kinds of water stills – solar stills and fire stills. Solar stills for emergency purposes are usually made of plastic and can be folded up for compact and lightweight storage (but I wouldn’t put dirt or plant material in them since they could be damaged). Fire stills are metal but could also be powered by the sun with compact reflective Mylar focusing the sunlight.

Contaminated water can be made safe for drinking using a number of methods. Water can be filtered, chemically purified, purified with UV light, boiled, distilled or some combination of these methods. Note: Be careful when handling potentially unsafe water - even a splash on the skin, or in the eye could also make you sick.

Solar Still Water Purification

The Solar Still Water Purification Kit is an easy way to gather safe and drinkable water in extreme situations. Thoroughly proven and time tested, a solar still like this one is able to generate potable water through a lightweight and highly portable kit. Weighing in at just 17 ounces, you'll be able to travel with this kit and make the most of rough times in the great outdoors. Vegetation and soil, along with urine, sea water, and other items can be gathered and used to create purified, drinkable water. It's really a lifesaver in extreme outdoor situations.

Made from the finest high quality materials, the Solar Still Water Purification Kit comes with everything you need to setup a solar still. 6' X 8' Clear Polysheeting (which can double as shelter material if the still is not needed), 6 feet of drinking tubing, 2x 50' Duct Tape Rolls, 1x 3 Liter Water Collection Bowl, 10x Military Grade Water Purification Tablets, 1x 12" X 12" Waterproof Bag (5 liter + capacity), 3x 25 gallon polybags (used in the construction of vegetation stills for non-poisonous plant material), 2x 1 liter stand up water bags (for use with military grade water purification tablets), 10 ft. of 7 strand parachute cord, and basic instruction sheets for setting up your the still.

What would you expect to pay for all this? The Survival Metrics company has made it easy to afford, and at under $100, it's a small price to pay for the lifesaving properties of purified water in critical outdoor situations. There's not many other products like the Solar Still Water Purification Kit in the marketplace these days, and having one on hand can save your life and the lives of anyone you have with you.

And in case you're wondering how a solar still actually works, water is evaporated and collected. Because contaminants and bacteria can't be evaporated as well, any toxic residue and byproducts are left out of the final evaporated and thusly purified water product. The end result is clean and safe drinking water that can be derived from soil, vegetation, and other sources that other water purification systems can't gather from.

5 / 5 stars

Waterwise Non-Electric Water Distiller

The Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller is a great companion to have with you if you're frequently in need of clean drinking water. We've come to the conclusion that after a year of regular use, you can recoup the cost of purchasing this water distiller with the money you save over buying bottled water. It generates a bit of heat and moisture, so prepare yourself in advance for any possible mold issues that may arise.

That said, this is a high quality machine that will last for years of water distilling, providing you and your family with clean drinking water at a much cheaper price than you'll find in stores. Also, in the great outdoors, it works well as an emergency water supply source.

Here's some technical information you can use to decide if the Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller will be right for you. It's able to distil 3.2 Quarts in 1.2 hours, and up to 16 gallons in 24 hours. You'll also need to purchase a collection bottle to hold the distilled water, as this unit doesn't come with one. It does, however, come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty that guarantees the quality of the product. If anything goes wrong with it, you can redeem your warranty and get a full refund.

This is a totally non-electric unit, and that means in areas of the great outdoors where there's no access to electricity, you'll be able to use BBQ setups to run the distiller. All in all, mainly because of the warranty, this product is worth the asking price of $387.00, and you'll find that you'll be able to get many years of use out of it with no problems at all. It's a great survival companion and in the end, it really does pay for itself. Not having one for outdoor excursions is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot, actually.

5 / 5 stars

Fire Distiller

In extreme survival situations, generally there's not any access to electricity It makes the most sense to have a non-electric form of water distillation available. In camping situations, the Survival Fire Distiller - Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller can provide you with a source of high purity water that's derived from steam condensation. Bacteria and viruses can't evaporate with the steam, so you're left with completely sanitary potable water.

With the Survival Fire Distiller - Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller, you get tons of features and bonuses. It meets FEMA and Red Cross Recommendations, is able to convert ocean water into high purity water, comes with failsafe protection, a lifetime warranty, a lifetime performance guarantee, it's proudly made in the USA, and it's been lab tested to deliver on its performance promises.

This is one high quality distiller! It can be one of your best friends in survival situations when all you have access to is a flame. If you're into outdoor excursions and you're not carrying one of these units, you're really taking a big risk. Steam distillers like this one can not only save your life, but also the lives of your fellow sportsman/outdoorsman. Many people don't realize just how dangerous it is to be without a source of water for an extended period. With the Survival Fire Distiller - Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller, you're getting a 100% guaranteed product for life. Made in America and affordable enough for nearly everyone.

5 / 5 stars