Prepper gear above and beyond the basics.

Doomsday Preppers Gear

Here you'll find useful prepper gear that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. Some of these items are more suitable to surviving specific disasters, while others are more general in nature.

As with all survival gear you want to ensure that it actually works when you need it to work. So any electrical or electronic gear should absolutely be stored safely in EMD-shielded containers. An easy solution to guard all your gear might be to just a few metal trash cans and store your whole Bug-out bag in that.

Just general advice to remind you that a solar storm or electromagnetic pulse is actually quite likely in your lifetime, and that electronic prepper gear could be rendered useless unless protected.

SHTF Shovel

US GI Entrenching Shovel

Collapsable Survival Shovel

When the Shtuff Hits the Fan (SHTF) - bring a shovel! Actually with this brand new, US Military issue item you can bring a shovel, an ax and a saw as this study survival tool is all three!

Technically, this is called an entrenching shovel meant to dig...drenches. But the utility of the shovel, ax, saw combination makes this tool an excellent piece of prepper gear for any survival situation.

With a steel blade, and a sturdy handle made out of aluminum, this amazing multi-tool weights less than 3 lbs, and collapses down to just 9". That's alot of utility for such a small size and weight, which is why this shovel should definately be considered as part of your bug-out gear.

5 / 5 stars

Gas Mask - Super-Volcano Protection

Israeli Gas Mask

The Yellowstone Super-Volcano has erupted. You likely realise that implies a super-volcano winter from the fine-particles and gases ejected into the atmosphere. But before the temperatures take a nose-dive (even even after), those same particles are blowing around with the wind - and could kill you! Should you breathe in those volcanic particles, they mix with fluid in your lungs and create a sort of concrete which could be lethal.

This Israeli gas mask, when properly worn, will help keep your lungs from turning into cement. Additionally, the full-face mask will protect your eyes from the volcanic particles which are like tiny shards glass.

You will want to keep this gas mask near your other prepper gear. If Yellowstone or any one of the other seven super-volcanos blow their top, you'll want easy access to your gas mask. However, if some other catastropy occurs, and this mask isn't needed, you can leave it without having to unpack your bug-out bag.

5 / 5 stars